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Tile Outlet

Tile is a thin, flat, piece of hard material used to cover walls and floors that can be obtained through a Tile Outlet. Tile is becoming the most popular type of flooring. Originally tile was mainly used in kitchens and bathrooms because they do well around moisture, but that no longer is the case. Tile is used in rooms with rooms that have high traffic areas as well.

Using A Tile Outlet Will Save You Money

The one drawback people connect with using tile is cost, but by using a tile outlet store it doesn’t cost as much as one would think. A tile outlet can offer the benefits of lower, more affordable tile. It can be the best source to obtain style at a fraction of the cost of going through a flooring store and is a good way to save money and add value to the home. High price doesn’t always mean quality, and quality doesn’t always have to have a high price. Tile is actually very cost effective on top of being able to obtain it through a discount tile outlet. Tile is highly durable and should a piece break, that piece is easily replaceable, whereas carpet or even wood flooring wears, requires more maintenance than tile and is a lot more costly to replace.

There are a variety of tile styles, sizes, and materials. Tile is available in ceramic, slate, marble or granite in most any tile outlet. Marble is recommended for low traffic areas,tile outlet floors, walls, and fire places. Slate is naturally beautiful and each piece is unique, generally used for floors, walls, and back splashes. Ceramic is very durable and tolerant of accidents and has high wear resistance. Granite tile is naturally formed in harsh conditions and is commonly used in kitchens as counters due to heat resistance, as well as for high traffic flooring.

Maintenance on a carpet is vacuuming and carpet cleaning. Carpet holds dust mites clear down in the pad of the carpet. Carpet cleaning can break down the padding, and if damaged, burnt, sun faded or stained, eventually it will need replaced, that is not the case with tile. Tile doesn’t fade, is considered to be hypoallergenic and the maintenance is substantially easier. Tile can prevent or reduce the development of fungi, which makes it a good choice for and is why many use it in bathrooms, around pools, and in the kitchen, where water is continuously used.

Tile Ratings Information

It is wise to have measurements of the room or area to be tiled, that way the tile will all come from the same lot number. If lot numbers are different, shading could be off a little to what the original tile is. Also consider how it is going to be installed, if it is going to be installed by oneself then a tile outlet would be helpful in knowing what materials and tools needed for the installation. Some tiles have adhesives while others require grout. It is also helpful to advise the employee if it is being placed on a wall or floor. Some don’t realize and have made the mistake of placing floor tile on walls. All tile has a rating of 0-5.

  • 0 is for no foot traffic and should not be used on floors
  • 1 is for very light traffic and if placed on floors should be bare or stocking feet only
  • 2 is light traffic and if used for flooring should be slipper or soft sole shoes only
  •  3 is light to moderate and should be used as low traffic area flooring
  •  4 is moderate to heavy traffic areas
  • 5 is for heavy traffic floor areas.

Most wall tile is rated 0-2, where floor tile is rated 3-5. There is a difference in the thickness and texture of the tile. Wall tile is generally smoother and floor tile has some texture for slip resistance. There are many sizes of tile that can be used, generally the 1 inch tile squares are mixed into a pattern or used for borders.
Consider the investment that can last a life time and can add to the resale value of your home since it is a strong, practical surface. A tile outlet can have so much to offer with quality tile at discount or lower prices than a flooring store and can provide tile murals, accent tiles, tile frames, plain tiles, the options are limitless with the savings to provide more options to any tile project.